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02-06-2005, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Out West
Aren't the NHL'ers in Europe "Pseudo Scabs"...They have no problem taking work from players over there...Lot of hypocites involved in this...Food for thought...You have a kid that has gone through the commitment and dedication to get a shot in Pro Hockey (albeit as a "Scab"...I hate that word...I'll use RP...Replacement Player)...So, the young man is offered the opportunity to play Pro hockey...Your advice to him would be.?.How many chances do you get in life to do something that you've been doing since the age of 5.?.More to it than Union / Non Union issue...
This has been discussed ad nauseum, but I'll give it one more go. The nature of any professional sport is that you want the best players available. No one is entitled to anything. It all must be earned. In the end, the best players get the roster spots. Unfortunately, some players that had spots last year won't have spots this year because there are about 700 fewer roster spots for professional hockey players, but that's not the fault of the players. This is a lockout and not a strike. If this were a strike, then you would have a very good point. But it's not, so you don't.

And I don't think anyone is begrudging some kid with nothing more than a dream to play in the "replacement" NHL, but that kid should go in with reasonable expectations. He's not likely to get a job when the NHLPA returns, and even if he does, he will have an extremely rough time dealing with PA members. I don't care if a bunch of kids that would otherwise have no hope of playing in the NHL decide to play. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't spend my money to go watch substandard (and that's being generous) hockey. This is entertainment, not charity.

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