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03-18-2010, 09:57 PM
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Well what I don't understand, and maybe we need a new thread, is why the Rangers have announced sell out crowds every night but people claim they are a farce.

1) How does MSG do this? I mean...if MSG is cooking the books...then why don't other teams?
-How are they able to claim a sell out when there isn't one?

2) If they do this, why do they do it, and why isn't it more common practice leaguewide?
-Why don't the Flyers when they are 100 short buy the rest?
-Why don't the Devils or Islanders buy blocks of tickets to pad their box scores?
-If the Rangers really are padding the attendance, which I'm not sure they do, then why don't other teams?
-You would think this would be commonplace and teams like the Islanders would do the same to a greater to avoid the embarrassment of 12,000 nightly.

3) If you had to guess since you go so often, what would you say the "true" paying attendance average for the year is?
-How many "true" sell-outs do we really have?
-Are we really doing much better than the Devils or Islanders?

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