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02-06-2005, 06:41 PM
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As possible means..

as much as someone's willing to pay him.

dedalus, I don't care who makes the extra money, you're right. But personally, I don't like hearing 'he makes enough already, or he makes too much'. In this world we make as much as someone's willing to pay. Someone says that stocks too high, but it keeps going up. Why? Because of natural economic forces. People try to gert every cent. Some may be surprised how unwilling many wealthy people (multimillionaires and such) are to part with an extra hundred or so. They fight for every cent. So I don't believe in 'he should be happy with what he makes, etc.', not an argument in my book. And further, there's never enough. Who the heck are we to judge? Players were making $10 million to play hockey and the Rangers' payroll topped $80 million, and people still came to the arena.

Fish...I agree that the solution is somewhere in the middle. But, again, who are we to judge what the max a player should earn? Our only judgement is in the amount per ticket we're willing to pay, along with how much advertisers and TV is willing to pay. The number ends up being a by-product of that.

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