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09-27-2003, 09:10 AM
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Finally Evilo, an argument with some merit. Bravo.
This is something that I can actually debate with you. While it is true that Fluery is an exceptional young talent who just might be one of the best goalies of all time (or might be another Stauber,Storr, Dipietro, Osgood,Melanson,Kidd etc) I think that it is fair to say that allot of talented can't miss young goalies HAVE been harmed by being rushed into the NHL. It COULD do him harm. It COULD ruin his confidence. It COULDN'T do him any harm to go and play in 60 or so games in the AHL while he gets up to speed with the next level of play. It wouldn't hurt him to see 10 games worth of call up during the regular season. Why waste it at the beggining of the year when it would make more sense to let him get a bunch of starts in the AHL, prove that he is an exceptional goalie that can dominate at THAT level and then call him up.

There are two different schools of thought going on here. One is that if you rush him you could ruin him as has happened with allot of young talented goalies in the past.

The second is that you could start him in the bigs and let him learn playing among the best. He IS a special talent and I think the best young goalie to come along in a long time so it wouldn't be out of this world for him to be a solid NHL goalie at the age of 18.

The thing that you won't see and are all bunched up over is that if you rush him up now he might succeed BUT he COULD also do what so many other young great goalies before him have done and that is lose their game and confidence playing behind an awful team. It COULD happen. Why take a chance with such a promising young talent when it isn't going to help the Pens win the cup? Why rush him up now when there is even a chance of it causing him harm? Why not let him start in the AHL and get his time in there and if he does as well as you seem to think he will then call him up and let him finish the season with the big club? Why take a chance with him at all?

Why would you consider (even if it is a remote possibility) doing ANYTHING that could be detrimental to what will be the conrerstone of your future team? I mean, he is one of those players who COULD be the best at his position in a couple of years and by then you might have a solid team infront of him to make his transistion into the NHL a great one. One that legends are made of, one that would make sense. What you would rather see, (and don't say that you are only talking about him staying with the big club for the first ten games of the season because you have insinuated otherwise in other threads) Fluery come up now and MAYBE win 20 games this year while losing 40 and take a chance that he might never recover from it or wait until you have Ove and Crosby (or at least two very very good young players) to add to your team and give him a chance to play with a great young team that is on the rise?

I just don't understand why you would even consider doing anything that might have a negative impact on a great young player like him.

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