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02-06-2005, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
dedalus, I don't care who makes the extra money, you're right. But personally, I don't like hearing 'he makes enough already, or he makes too much' .... Who the heck are we to judge?
No I think we're allowed to judge. I know people in my profession who are either lazy, uncommitted, or not terribly skilled but who make a very nice wage because of simple seniority. I don't believe I'm wrong in saying they make too much. We judge people's wages on many things, and I believe most of those can be legitimately applied in the case of professional athletes.

Originally Posted by Fletch
In this world we make as much as someone's willing to pay.
No that's just not true of everyone. I could (and did) earn more money in other professions. I'm happy to take less now because I love my job far more than I loved other jobs that paid me more. Heck I could earn more in the same profession by working elsewhere, but I choose not to because I'm content with what I have even though I make less.

It's not unfair to apply this to players. They are playing a game for a living while others are forced to perform jobs they despise because there's nothing else out there for them. It's not wrong or unfair to believe that players could live with some professional limitations considering how very few they have due to their status and income.

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