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03-19-2010, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
Let's say for a moment that our wildest fantasy comes true and Dolan fires Sather.

Can Dolan be trusted to hire the next GM? Obviously not, as he has said multiple times that he knows nothing about hockey. Who would he turn to? Who would advise him?

The more likely scenario is that Sather, at some point in the next quarter century, decides to step down of his own volition. Dolan than asks Sather who he wants to be the next GM.

Obvious answer is Mess or Gretz. Mess is an unknown quantity at this point, and I'm not comfortable with it. Gretz is not a good choice. Another old Oiler from somewhere?

Maybe Dolan asks Islander management for help and they decide to make Henrik GM (only kidding).

Bottom line here is that the management of the team on all levels is not conducive to assembling a long term successful team. Dolan is not going anyway and likely Sather is not either. Why should he? He's got the perfect life.

Does anybody know whether he was even in the building last night? When was the last time he was seen in NYC?
@ the thought of Dolan searching for a GM.

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