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03-19-2010, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by The Worst Poster View Post
He's an idiot savant.
precisely I have no idea what I'm talking about. we have alfie leaving the system as soon as 2 years... we lose cullen, sutton this off season. and who knows what happens to volchenkov..

we have 1 pick in the top 60 this season. who in our forward prospect pool is a potential top liner?

we still don't know if cowen will live up to potential, or weircioch.

we wont and don't have a solid 1st goalie, say whatever you want about leclaire but it's not going to happen.

next year assuming we keep volchenkov, who do we have as forwards? spezza,alfie,foligno,kovalev,michalek,fisher...... streaky at best.

phillips is going downhill from here on in. we have seen glimpses of that all season long.

campoli hopefully gone by this season and maybe we can get back a second rounder.. in either case if we end up just out of the playoffs (we pretty much NEED 6 wins in our next 11 games to make the playoffs comfortably).

we still won't have that high of a pick in the draft which could mean a possible 3 years of development of the forward were going to draft ( pretty much obvious we need one). next season i see another 2007-2008 top ten pick again, pick another forward and add defensive depth in second round.

hopefully of lehner can still be a beast he can be brought up within the next 3-5 years?

when petersson and silvferberg are ready to go (2 seasons I'm assuming) they will fight kelly, winchester out of a spot.

this all puts us in a rebound area of 4 years. it's obvious that this team right now is probably the streakiest of all. at least edmonton knows they suck. but that's because they don't exactly have talent.

you'd think with the players we have we would have some sort of offensive ability but all year it's been all over the place we need a high caliber finisher and till then we will be in this exact position every year.

unless murray can pull off some amazing trades (which we all know he's not great at) then I don't see anything positive happening for the next couple years.

this was well thought of and not idiot worthy... maybe if you were a little more realistic you'd notice these things.

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