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03-19-2010, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by digger18 View Post
Uh'm I guess you missed the part where he said he hopes the Canucks overpaid for Kesler.

If you took that as a compliment then all the power to you.
He's not a Canucks fan. He doesn't wish the team well because it makes it less likely that his favourite team (our divisional rivals) can do well. I don't take that as trolling.

The fact that he sees the Canucks as the strongest team in the division and the newly locked up Ryan Kesler as a big part of that is a compliment.

ANYWAYS, to keep things on topic - as the games have gone by this season I've found myself hoping that Gillis could get a few years from Kesler for under $4m, then under $5m, and finally realizing that it might take up to $6m a year to keep him around - certainly he'd go that high on the open market.

I'm hoping that the contract comes in somewhere between the reported initial offers on each side, $4-5m. That would be a steal at this point.

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