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03-19-2010, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Sure, there are more bad ones-- 3 first rounders for Forsberg, Witt, Ronning, Walker, Zidlicky etc.

The biggest problem is there are no good ones, outside of Dunham. The times he has traded a roster player (Walker, Zidlicky) it hasn't amounted to anything worthwhile.

He hangs onto roster players and prospects like no other GM in the league, for better of worse.

As one example, Arkhipov scored 20 goals in the rookie campaign, his value was pretty high. Over the next 2 years, we saw his value go to nothing.

I think Hamhuis will be another example. It's safe to say he's good as gone, and it was evident this day was going to come well over a year ago. An asset manager GM would've stepped in traded him in the offseason for good value, knowing he was going to lose him for nothing. Then, truned around a signed / traded-for a decent vet dman to help replace him.

He has never stepped in and said, "I don't think this guy is going to be a key part of future, so I'm going to trade him while he's got decent value." What Phoenix just did with Mueller. What SJ did with Brad Stuart. What CBJ did with Leclaire. What SJ did with Matt Carle. etc. Like I said, he hangs on to roster players and prospects, for better or worse.
So he was supposed to trade a guy off a 20 goal season? If we were trying to get better as a team why would we trade off a guy who looked like a decent player? If Poile knew that he was going to get worse as he played more in the NHL, of course he would've traded him and gotten value for him but since he spent a 2nd round pick on the guy, he figured he'd be part of the future. It didn't turn out that way. I had high hopes for Arkhi as well and he got worse, it happens.

So by your accounts, we should trade away Hornqvist because he's played great this year, scored 27 goals and he might suck the next 2 years?

Would you say him bringing up Wilson for the stretch run was a good move? If so, that was like trading for a proven scorer. I guess since Wilson has been pretty much averaging that since his call up that was a bad move too? He's built this team well thru the farm system and we finally have some guys that are coming up like Wilson that are going to be solid NHL players.

That second round pick you mentioned in the Zidlicky trade was used to select Charles-Olivier-Roussel. Last time I checked he's rated pretty highly.

We got back the first rounder we gave Philly for Forsberg when Poile was forced to trade off Timonen and Hartnell and which we used to select Jonathan Blum, another solid prospect who will probably be on the blue line next year.

The Witt move was essential at the time as we were trying to add toughness, grit and experience to the blue line. It didn't work out. If he didn't make a move that year, you would've complained he didn't do anything. He did something and you complain about it. He could acquire Parise, Kane and Luongo for a bag of pucks and you'd find something to complain about.

The bottom line is, for an overall job, good, bad and indifferent, Poile has done a solid job as a GM. I would grade his job as a B. He has his faults but it's outweighed by all his good moves over the last 11 years.

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