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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
So is he an upgrade? I'd take Sharp for Legwand in a heartbeat.

Bottom line- I think you agree he's overapaid. So, there's really not much to disagree about here, excpept by how much he's overpaid.

Sure, he scored 27 goals in his contract year, but that doesn't really justify us paying him for 10 goals @ 4.5m this year. A good GM anticipates how a player is going to play in the future. With Legwand,he'd never scored over 20 goals until his contract year, after 8 years in the league. He'd never played with assertiveness in his game, until his contract year. Was it a safe bet he wasn't going to continue a trend upward after 8 seasons in the NHL? Pretty risky IMO, and Poile decided to take that risk for 6 years.

I think Rene Borque is great comp for Legwand. Good "two way" player who had a semi-breakout year last year, and it's a having a really good year this year (his contract year). He gets 3.3m.

Kesler just signed a 6 year contract under 5m. He puts up points consistency in a secondary role. He wins battles all over the ice, a traits that means even more when the playoffs (or Olympics) come around. He's great defensively. That's the kind of two player who should be getting 5m, IMO.
First let me preface by saying I agree and I think most would agree legwand is overpaid. I would say he is overpaid by 1-1.5 million per year. Most overpaid role player in history though? That's laughable. (I realize you didn't start the thread) However I see some major flaws in your arguments.

You say we are paying Legwand 4.5 a year for 10 goals when in reality since he signed his contract he's been closer to 20 goals per year.

You are comparing guys like Patrick Sharp and Rene Bourque to Legwand. You are saying Bourque is a good two way player and comparing his salary to Leggy's when in reality you can't compare a great 2 way center to a good two way winger. Centers have much more responsibility in their two way play. A good defensively responsible winger could never have the defensive impact that a good defensively responsible center.

As much as it sucks you go back to that summer and that was probably around the going rate for Leggy. UFA's were getting big time overpaid left and right that summer. Yes we didn't get a discount from him.

Also, it's fair to factor in the fact that he is playing on a shutdown line this season. Legwand is not a line carrier. He can produce though when he plays with talent.

So in Conclusion Yes he is overpaid but he isn't overpaid HUGELY. My biggest beef is the contract length but I'm not going to cry over spilt milk. What's done is done.

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