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03-19-2010, 11:41 PM
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Maloney was the benefit of a perfect GM situation. A team going into the top draft positions in his first few years as GM. So that has something to do with it. So does luck. So does hard work. I like a lot of the little moves hes made by acquiring more draft picks and getting some quality players in there.

With the previous high picks before he came paired with those he had and veterans he wanted to toss he had some assets to move to bring in some players he wanted. Its obvious he has a PLAN going on. There is a formulated thought process going on in Phoenix unlike some certain cities where half assed patchwork is done each year to satisfy the cap ceiling.

All in all i think it would be silly to call him overrated or lucky, whens hes made a lot of moves that have paid off in the standings. Every time you turn around they make another solid deal, though i think Inferno recognizes that this year could be a flash in the pan, and thats exactly why Maloney pushed the envelope and made some trades to try and catch some fire in bottle.

Maloney not only has to form a team, hes got to generate more fan interest in a financial hell as well.
He's managed to put a pretty damn competitive young team together and stay 13 million under the cap. Thats nothing to shake a stick at... Is he underrated? I wouldnt say so, but i'd say hes done a very good job. The success to date speaks for itself.

He did step in **** with Tippet though. That always helps. But hey getting the bounces is always part of it, see Matteau.

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