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02-07-2005, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by JCD
Who says the Vikes want to trade Moss? The only source for those rumors so far has been Mort at ESPN. Same Mort who said the Vikes were trading Moss last summer and assured us that the Vikes would be sold before the SuperBowl.

Vikes have thoroughly denied and debunked any and all rumors. Red has not discussed personnel with the team at all. He isn't going to make any moves while he is still in discussion with Taylor/Fowler for the sale of the team. That includes the hiring of any new coaches or coordinators (which is why the promoted from within for the OffCo position for now).

EDIT: Let me reiterate. Moss CAN BE a distraction and IS a difficult player to deal with. HOWEVER, he has no alienated himself from his teammates in the way that Owens had with the Niners. The rift is with McCombs who wants a sale instead of a Superbowl, not with the players or coaches. If/when he players (lead by Birk and Culpepper) decide Moss isn't worth it, THEN it becomes a problem. The players/coachs have not spoken out yet though.
I am just going by a buddy of mine from Minny ( a big Moss Fan )who says that the talk is to trade Moss, maybe he was pulling my leg. Maybe he is misinformed !

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