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Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
We could argue this all day. I don't see you quoting any sources for your 20 goal expectations. I certainly don't remember any such quotes from anyone. What I remember was a bunch of people, including me, being amazed that the Sharks were able to get Boyes as part of the Nolan deal.
Boyes as a potential 30-goal-scorer? That was definitely a stretch. He is still a simple point-compiler...

Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
You can think having Boyes still makes the JT trade go down. And maybe it does. But the question is if the Sharks have Boyes does DW ever really go calling Boston at all?
Unless you think Boyes on that San Jose team means the Sharks aren't one of the worst teams in the standings, Wilson still calls Boston. Boyes, today, isn't the type of player who can revolutionize a team like that; this is doubly true for Boyes-the-rookie.

Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
The Sharks are trying to build a team of "superstars", ignoring the fact that this never worked for Toronto, and it never worked for New York. It's also ignoring the fact that the Sharks team that achieved the most was a team with depth is skill and scoring, including six 20+ goal scorers and "the best 3rd line in hockey". And yet somehow DW continues to think that high skill players beat high will players.
When it comes to the playoffs, depth is overvalued. It is what your franchise players do that makes or breaks your team. Look at Pittsburgh, a team with little depth but great top-line talent. Depth can't hurt and is especially useful in the case of injury, but in the main, top-line talent is the way to go. The San Jose team you mentioned didn't find success thanks to Ricci, Thornton, or Korolyuk. It didn't get anywhere because of depth like Ekman, Dimitrakos, and McCauley. It was Marleau, Damphousse, Nabokov, and Hannan that did the heavy-lifting that playoffs. The only depth guy that made a significant impact was Cheechoo, and he became a integral part of the team the next season...

It isn't that high-willed > high-skilled; one needs high-skilled, high-willed players. One needs both. Pittsburgh gets nowhere with Scott Nichol and Manny Malhotra as its top centers. It doesn't get anywhere without Crosby and Malkin fighting for every inch of ice.

Why do you mention Toronto and New York (two teams that often never made the playoffs) but don't mention Anaheim, Detroit, Colorado, New Jersey, Pittsburgh (in a way with two super-duper-stars in Malkin and Crosby), Tampa Bay, etc....plenty of teams have succeded with a team "built of superstars". This disingenousness no one likes...obviously this San Jose team is much more like the latter teams than the former. The only team that has bucked the trend has been Carolina in '06, and they had a red-hot goaltender and Eric "Clutch" Staal on that team..

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