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02-07-2005, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson
When they got Moss back they were still going downhill,
they were lucky to make the playoffs and after all the antics Moss put on with walking off the field and all the fines he gets. then they happened to beat Green Bay in Green Bay for once and then got smoked by the Eagles. At least when Owens opens his mouth he has good things to say. Moss sounds like an idiot.
Moss hadn't been healthy since the Saints game in Week 5 when they were 4-1. They won't get a healthy Moss back until Week One next season.

Vikes were lucky to make the play-offs. They were decimated by injuries. ELEVEN starters battled injuries/suspensions: Rosenthal (IR), Robinson, Moss, Kleinsasser (IR), Bennett, Dixon, Birk, Wiggins, Claiborne, Winfield and Mixon. Including their best linemen (Birk), best player (Moss) and 2nd best defender (Winfield). On top of that, they had 6 top back-ups hurt as well (including ALL FOUR of their RunningBacks): Angulo (IR), Dorsey, Smith, Moe Williams, Moore and Irvin (IR).

Anytime a team loses 17 key players for varying chunks of the season, you are going to have a tough time. Especially when you have suspect coaching to begin with.

All these fines? Moss was fined ONCE this season, only only a handful of times in his entire career (squirting a ref and once by the team).

Moss walked off the field with 4 seconds left when the Vikes were down by a score and kicking off. Poor sportsmanship? Sure. However, he was done for the game. It was the final play of the game. This is also not all that uncommon, the camera just happened to be on Moss at the time. For what it is worth, the immortal Favre left a game with 35+ seconds left on the clock in the metrodome. It is poor sportsmenship, but not a monumental, never-happened-before act.

Happened to beat Green Bay? Vikes smoked Green Bay as bad as the Eagles smoked the Vikes. If not worse. In no small part due to Moss' play on a badly hurt ankle. He was visably impared out there, but still blocking. Still making catches. Still doing all he can to give his team a chance to win. Heck, his second TD was the game clincher.

Owens opens his mouth and says good things while Moss sounds like an idiot? Could you be any more subjective and biased? I guess you consider 'Garcia is a ***' (which Owens proudly said on his website) a 'good thing'? Good grief. Come on, that has to be the lamest argument yet.

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