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03-20-2010, 05:27 AM
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I'm from B.C. (goalie) and I played up in a few Jr. B/A camps. Never in games but I knew some of the guys, I used to do goalie clinics up in Langley and I was target practice for them during the summer .

If you have good conditioning and your stickwork is alright you should be able to keep up with the guys on the ice. Most players in Jr. B played Rep A in Vancouver but from what I could tell, were sort of the "favorites" (guys who could've been on B or good players in House but had moms/dads on the board) or third/fourth liners who had skill but couldn't use the ice time effectively.

If you wanna go past B, you gotta want it more and want it bad. When I played up in camps, a lot of the new guys were way to shy and would get shoved around.

Jr. B's like an upgraded Rep B in terms of reputation and play from what I knew when I was there. That is, it's got a lot more goons and a lot of guys battling to keep the dream alive. It's alot nastier than A, but it's a good learning experience and if hockey's something you love, it's a good step up.

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