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03-20-2010, 01:08 PM
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I personally think that every one of Murray's trades we have won, even the heatley one. Unless you think that that the Penner, smid, cogs would have been better for the team and its cap space. Or that if you were GM, you would show Murray how's it done and get a much better deal.

As a leader of men, and a team that wanted to move forward, Murray had to make the trade. Some of you act like Cheechoo will never return. What if he became our Kontos?

Trading a late 1st rounder for a $600k pmd, a late 1st that 4 GMs went on to trade, and then suggesting that $600k pmds are easy to find and not worth paying a late 1st for, or that unlike the 4 other GM's who traded that late pick, our extra late 1st rounder, one GM who even traded it just to move up for a better pick, seems to suggest that one of GM's or fans are wrong about that picks value.

Funniest to me, is those who are suggesting we shouldnt trade two late 2nds for a chance to win the Cup. Murray saw a team that was winning, challenging for the division, showing it deserved a chance to be given the best show to compete, and he astutely identified our needs, adressed them as well as was available, at the right price, as well as any other GM, again, and now there are those suggesting that they will be here to say I told you so.

Because look, TRYING is a failing strategy. Only about 5-10% percent of teams that try will win. So obviously, only a fool would try. And when the Sens dont win the Cup, I will be back here to laugh and say ha, i told you say, that's what you get for trying. We need a better GM that wont try.

Because being one of 30 equal teams with a chance to win, i mean, who wants that? That's hard and scary. Better to give up, not try, and blame everyone.

Where's my hossenfeffer? Off with his head.

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