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03-20-2010, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Actually, I said it from the get go. We've always had budget constraints. We also happen to have the biggest payroll we've ever had, and just to maintain our group of players of the next 2 years, it will push us against the cap.

In terms of the last 3 years, I don't think he's been a medoicre GM because of bad trades . It's more because he's been totally complacent with the roster, and resigned 2/3rd tier guys to big, long contracts that will continue to handicap us.

I know, you and glenengineer and others think he has done very little wrong. Fine. I don't think he's the guy to get us to next level. Deal with with it, it's what I think.
Once again, your avoidance of direct questions is amusing. Two points.

1. He was told to sell off parts of the team within the last 3 years. Not his fault. Leipold's orders.

2. Who should he have signed instead of locking up Erat and Legwand for the prices they were given? Who were the UFA's out there that were available, wanted to come here and Poile could sign? Until those questions are answered, your argument has no legs. You complain about the length and size of the contracts but all the players with similar numbers, around the same age and who were UFA's within a few years of those contracts were all signed to deals similar to Legwand and Erat. Unfortunately, at the time Poile would have been forced to let both of them go, get no compensation, which is something you despise, then go out and sign two other players that may or may not have fit the system or team style of play we have here. Risky yes but was it wiser to re-sign two players that have grown up in the system and know what we're getting with them? Also, to keep complaining about Legwand and his lack of numbers, go look at the Tennessean today and see what Trotz had to say about Legwand and his so called lack of production. The coach wouldn't mind seeing more from him but he's not happy with the performance he has gotten from Legwand in the shut down role he's performing in. No one is saying we wouldn't like more offense out of Legwand. To expect it with linemates he is given on a nightly basis is expecting miracles to be quite honest. But back to the original question, who was an UFA when Legwand was that we should've signed instead?

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