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09-27-2003, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by DKH
The casual Bruins and Boston sports fan has seen the 9-0 loss to the Wings score and subconsciously reinforced their thoughts of JJ is cheap, the Broons don't care about wininng mantra and moved on to the serious stuff of Pats and Sox. (hey, I was at the Ortiz walk off the other night; and have Pats season tix for many years so its not just Broons to me- I consider it a three headed tie although the Sox winning would be the ultimate) Anyways, my take on camp has been pretty good- some highs, some lows but a few interesting things.

Highs- the Patrice Bergeron performance; Toivonen's (and even Raycrofts) performance but more importantly skills that have everyone including those that get paid to make judgements just ga-ga over him. Jeff Jillson's performance gets the third spot here- and it may be the most important all things considered. He is all that is left for McLeav'n and even beyond that he is needed in a BIG way to become at worst a GOOD player on any scouts assessment- and hopefully more definative such as solid, consistent and well rounded.

Sammy's wrist appears healed which is very huge and with Joe, Murray and Rolston give the Broons 4 guys that can measure up to any teams top half dozen forwards. Samsonov healthy and doing his magic is huge. If the Broons get off to a decent start and Joe and Sammy are healthy I'd market their butts all over New England- Super Hero comic books; posters, bobble heads, shirts- these guys are an organization dream.

Zinovjev arriving would be postive (I lost a bet at work because I didn't think he existed and he seems to stand out a bit- but he's still hard to gauge at this time.....Jurcina has impressed many posters and Broons personnel and appears to have the requisite skills to project as a NHLer and certified draft steal for MOC.

LOWS- The holdout to Boynton to me is number one; he's their third best player, best defenseman and guy teammates really like. He's a captain-type of guy and even veterans say he's an immensely talented guy and great kid. Thats enough for me.....they have to get him in soon; I'd be on the phone right now if I was MOC.

Lapointe's injury stinks but I don't believe its an omen; Marty just needs to get back to the simplicity and energy game he plays well. Trying to score 27 goals again should be the last thing on his mind. Its a speed bump most likely but still a negative.

Potvin- the bottom line is he has given up 13 goals but many were most likely goals Hasek would have given up. Sullivan said he was outstanding but any movement in the next week for a goalie says it was lip service. The Broons saw what happened in Detroit to Potvin- if I was the Broons I'd want to see him again in net here Thursday night and go with Toivonen the other half of the game to see how they both stack up against the Wings/Tigers money.

Hilbert has been a downer- and its likely he will atleast start in Providence; he is lucky in that Sullivan likes him and knows him so if he starts out well he'd be one of the first callups.

All in all a good camp when you consider that what we are finding out is that some of the kids (specifically Jillson, Toivonen, Bergeron and Jurcina) may be the real deals. If thats true then things could be very interesting around here.

You hit the nail on the head everywhere. I'm pretty pumped about the kids, especially Toivonen and Bergeron. I'm a little disappointed that Morrisonn got sent down so quickly.

As for the vets, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed with Potvin's performance so far, but I'm not overly concerned. He hasn't played since January, and I liken it to an ace baseball pitcher getting rocked in his first few preseason games.....

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