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02-07-2005, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
I'm not sure what we're getting at here. I will say, and perhaps you've said this in a different way but my braindead state can't comprehend that, but we give money to MSG. We buy goods. Advertisers sell their product through MSG. We buy those products. MSG spends that money to put a product on ice. Unfortunately we have no say, but do have a choice. If MSG goes out and spends money on Ulanov and he blows, we can choose not to spend our dollars on MSG, thus reducing the amount going to them. If they choose to spend money unwisely, it is somewhat at their discretion. If Ulanov gets paid well and he sucks, it's not really his problem, and really shouldn't be. I see it here in my business often guys (and gals) getting guaranteed contracts and they don't perform. Well, eventually that contract is either bought-out, or expires. Same difference.

Buy like I said, I'm not sure what we're talking about anymore.
Perhaps I'm getting wrapped up in the semantics...just trying to separate out the "is Ulanov worth X" vs is going to see the "Rangers worth X". The two aren't necessarily the same, which was what I was trying to point out...i.e. to address your original question "who are we to judge?" versus the unsaid but follow up question "what can we do about it?".

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