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02-07-2005, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Exactly. Where are the funds coming from to ENSURE that the Pittsburghs, Carolinas, and Floridas spend the $32m? Bettman's idea that the playoff teams must foot the bill for the rest of the league is laughable. Are the Rangers now going to be collecting money from Nashville since Nashville made the playoffs and the RAngers did not? That there is not much detail to back up the statement that EVERY NHL team will be funded so that they can spend the mandatory amount, makes me wonder at the credibility of such a statement. Anyone can say antyhing that they want, but as to the how and why, well only the people with answers would have had an answer.
The problem is that the real question as I see it is not whether they're going to include revenue sharing, but are they committed to supporting teams to reach the minimum level. You can then of course ask how they're doing it, but if there's a commitment then the rest shouldn't matter nearly as much.

Off topic, but worth mentioning...

Someone over at the Business of Hockey board was kind enough to post a link to the NFL CBA and what they have determined to be "revenues". I was surprised to see they don't include things like parking, concessions and local signage in the revenue numbers and that the majority of the revenue is defined as the TV contracts and gate receipts.

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