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03-20-2010, 04:31 PM
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I'm pretty lucky. I have vinyl tiles in the basement and I do a lot of stickwork down there. IMO "hands" are about flexability and strength more than just some natural gift. So your hands could get a lot better if you do a little stickhandling every day.

I use a weighted puck and go 30 degrees around my body. I do about 10 dekes back and fouth until my wrists hurt and then start over. For example... I'm right handed so I start in front of my left foot, then if front of me, right foot, then on my right side, in back of my right foot and then twist and stick handle in back of me. After that I slip the puck through my feet and start again. Then I do long sweeps back and forth in front of me and on my side. After that I kind of walk in place while stickhandling. Sounds dumb but even at the pro level you see players that need to stop their feet to handle the puck. Playing foot hockey (not roller) with local kids can help that too. It forces players to move their hands and feet at the same time.

I also use a chair also. Stickhandling in front of yourself while going in between chair legs will get you used to stickhandling around poke checks and between a defenders stick and body. On the side can mimic going between a players legs.

Also practice your toe drag. Not only on you side but in front of you and in back of you.

After a while these movements become 2nd nature so when a defender comes to you you won't even have to think about how to slip by him. Add this to skating mobility and puck protection and you should be a pretty flashy one on one player.

Add moving the puck to line mates and then supporting the puck and thats when your game should really take off. IMO thats the big thing good players have over bad players.

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