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03-20-2010, 05:34 PM
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Today was my 2nd ever roller hockey training session, and OMG I LOVE THIS SPORT!

Started off doing some shooting, and then a pass/shoot drill, then some skating. On the shooting drill, I HIT THE NET!!!!! There was no goalie in it, but I don't care! And I wasn't wearing my glasses, so I'm very pleased!

Then I was playing a scrimmage game with the U14 guys. I managed to intercept a pass, and did this awesome backhand pass...right back to the other team. Ooops.

Overall, really enjoyed it, and will be going back. And a lovely parent has offered to sell me a kit bag for cheap, which is awesome

I'm still working on ways to save even more money, I'd like to get all my protective gear for around 150. It's proving tricky, I keep coming in at like 200, although that is with a stick...

Oooh, and today, I took 1 x stick to the face (thank you the inventor of full cages) and 1 x puck to the leg, but I'd squeezed into a loaner pair of ice pants, so it was OK, since it hit the padding.

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