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Originally Posted by flyguy View Post
I don't even understand why ESPN is so heavily watched. Yeah there's SportCenter, but they don't really have access to huge (postseason) games. So they have SportsCenter, which sucks now, a bunch of stupid Sports talk shows that ALL talk about the same thing and then a few MLB games, 1 NFL game, and a few NBA games a week. On the college level, they get regular season games and conference tourneys, but they miss out on the big tourney which is all that matters. They do have a ton college football games which is what keeps them alive IMO, but IIRC, they don't get any of the BCS games, again the only games that truly matter. Obviously being apart of ABC, is the only thing keeping them alive. If they weren't owned by ABC, ESPN wouldn't have that much leverage over the cable companies IMO.
ESPN had a ton of leverage well before they got together with ABC/Disney, so I don't buy that thesis at all. Fact of the matter is that ESPN is catered towards its audience, so while you may not like some of their programming (I agree, some if it has gotten away from what I would prefer), a lot of other people do watch it. And if you're going to be choosing a cable provider...are you going to choose the one that doesn't have ESPN and ESPN2 as a sports fan?

They have an insane amount of leverage over cable companies because of that.

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