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03-20-2010, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by ISharkted View Post
The root of the Sharks problems?

I am sure many of the people who post here grew up playing sports, probably many of you continue to play sports. While I never did more with hockey than pick-up inline hockey, I think my theory holds true whether we are talking basketball, football, baseball or *insert team sport here*. If your team leaders, stars, talented players seem disinterested, I think it is hard to "get up" for the game. I'd argue that in the case of paid sports, there would have to be some resentment, no? If Jumbo is making X million per year and you are making the league minimum, wouldn't that grate on you? I mean Jed has considerably less natural talent than Jumbo, but Jed gets scratched over someone who seems so disconnected.

Jumbo - leader, no passion... golly gee guess we came up short again. Patty - seemingly emotionless as well. Nabokov - seemingly emotionless. I think you would be hard pressed to argue that on paper at least, these are the big three of the Sharks. If they are given a free pass, year after year, to not show up, what kind of a message does that send to the rest of the team?

I have been a Sharks fan since their inception, and living on the east coast practically my entire life, always being a visiting fan and supporting the team - this gets old. I miss the less talented teams of the 90's that played with heart. Ok I digress... back to my point. Sadly, (and I sincerely hope I can eat crow on this) I do not think this team will take it to the next level until 2 of those 3 are gone. If the failboat sinks again this year in the playoffs, maybe we can be rid of Nabby for next year. I see Jumbo as the next piece to go. Sign Patty for a home town friendly deal, let him retire as a Shark. Trade Jumbo while he still has value. Getting a top defense in exchange for him would be great. Taking away the salaries of Jumbo, Crapbokov, and ancient Blake we could undertake a mini retooling.

Rant done .... frustrated.
Why is it that so many Sharks fans assume the players are emotionless and don't care whenever they hit a slump?

Why can't losing ever just come down to the entire teams ability to execute and play together?

In hockey it takes much more of a team effort to win a championship than any sport you mentioned because 5 new guys take the stage every minute or two. In no other sport does that happen.

It's completely ridiculous to start questioning the heart and passion these guys have every single time things aren't clicking. Nobody was questioning their heart or effort a month ago, do you think they just all of a sudden stopped caring about winning? Just as the season is winding down? After all that they've been through? Doesn't make any sense man.

The stars and roleplayers know their roles. Everyone must put in the effort, but much more than that, everyone needs to contribute and play much smarter and together.

They just aren't playing as a complete team right now. Guys are not on the same page. You see it in their passing when they try to bullet a pass through the neutral zone that is intercepted. You see it in their cycling when they kick it back to the point or down low and there is nobody there. You see it in their own end when everybody on the ice fails to notice the opposing teams winger wide open for a backdoor pass.

I also don't think constantly juggling the lines right now is the best way to go about fixing this. I really think these guys need to get back to playing with the linemates they are most familiar with.

Watching that Vancouver game was an eye opener because you could just tell that the Canucks knew where they all were on the ice. They were all on the same page and going where they needed to go before the Sharks could figure out where they were going. Their passing, cycling, and puck control in our zone was beautiful. Felt like they were on a power play at times when it was 5-5.

I felt the same way in the two beatdowns Chicago gave us this year. They were just playing so well together. Each and every line was clicking.

The Sharks have played like that at times this year. It's just not clicking right now and it's due to a lack of talent and experience, in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Shape View Post
Can I just give you a kiss right now?

Well said. You didn't throw the team under the bus and deem it impossible, but laid out varied points in which the team lacks. Shame on you.

I pretty much agree 100%, except, the optimist I am, I do think we can go far. IMO, I see flaws that can be fixed. Wether they fix them or not,we shall see!
If there is one reoccurring problem that seems to happen every season it is the horrid passing. This team lacks quality passers, especially on the defense, and for two reasons:

1) They are slow and don't handle the puck well. When a Murray/Leach/Wallin/Blake gets a puck at the blue line they have to either dump it back down low or fling a puck toward the net that usually misfires or gets blocked. They don't have the ability to protect the puck by skating or deking because they lack the mobility and control.

2) They aren't good passers. No other way to put it really. Some have the skill, some don't. Leach/Murray/Wallin/Blake do not.

This really hurts them in their own zone because they are constantly turning the puck over, and it hurts them on offense because they aren't able to maintain possession in the opposing zone. Our forwards can't be expected to cycle or generate offense without help from the back 2.

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