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03-20-2010, 06:59 PM
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Don't get too frustrated, pretty much any shot in hockey comes from balance and until you skate well you won't shoot well while in full stride. Stationary shooting while not skating is much easier to do so work with that first.

Of course there are oddball exceptions but most shot power comes from the wieght transfer described above through leg drive. For example a baseball would not go very far if you just swung with your arms and your legs remained still while doing it.

Beginners need patience because like with everything else it takes a few years of practice to get really good at something. .... unless you are some prodigy whiz kid I would not beat yourself up too much about having a poor wrist shot.

Have fun and keep working on things, there are literally thousands of Youtube videos that can help you out.

Some basic advice has already been given in this thread so I will not repeat.

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