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Originally Posted by hof2120 View Post
Ok, so I'm 18 and I just recently decided to get into hockey (not really competitive, just pickup games and such) because some of my friends play both competitive and rec and it looks really fun. I've been doing pretty solid with the shooting so far but I'm having a little trouble with my wrist shot form. When I look up people doing stationary wrist shots their feet are square or at like a 45 degree angle to the target. But whenever I try to shoot like that I can get no power or lift on my shot, but when I stand with my feet toward the net (like if I were skating straight towards it), I can get pretty damn good power, lift and accuracy.

Am I learning completely the wrong way or is it fine? What I do when I shoot like that is lift my right leg (I'm left-handed) and put my weight on my stick. I also use real pucks because I feel that if I can learn to shoot them well then I'll be able to shoot roller pucks and balls much easier.

I've been trying to get down shooting without skates on, then I'm going to try to shoot with skates on stationary then go into shooting while skating. If I keep practicing constantly and get the right help, should I be able to play with my buddies by this June or so without completely embarrassing myself?

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I couldn't find one that fit better. Thanks for any help.

Shooting the way you are shooting now is fine as long as you are coming straight at the net. Problem that you will run into is in a game you will seldom be coming straight at the net with the puck. You need to be able to shoot with your feet parallel to the net.

Here is a pretty good video.

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