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02-07-2005, 04:41 PM
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Similar situation to the poster's from our game last night. We are currently sitting in a tie for 4th, 5 points out of first. We are playing the last place team in the league who have won exactly ONE game the whole season. And they were moved down to our division in November!

Anyway we are playing a good patient game and about halfway through the second their goalie starts to get tired and we put 4 in on him and then 2 more in the third. It's 7-1 now and their guys are getting pretty chippy. Their best player and another winger are coming on us 2 on 2, he's carryingthe puck coming down the side with our biggest d-man who has him by at least a foot and a half and a god 60 or 70 lbs. He tries some cute move into his feet, and our d-man just stops. Guy runs into him, falls down loses the puck. Our d-man grabs the puck and curls to pass it to his partner. Their guy gets up jumps, throws a haymaker at our d-mans head and promptly falls off his back into a heap on the ice. Our d-man laughs at him and lines up for the next draw while our hero goes to the box.

Fast forward to 2 minutes left in the game, the same d-man is on the ice as is his "tormentor," there is a scrum along the boards and one of our wingers has his back to the ice digging for the puck when I see this loser take off at full speed toward the scrum. The defenceman is nowhere near the play. Instead, this guy aims at a winger who is the same size as him, with his back turned. AND he crouches and goes for his knees. Fortunately our winger was OK, but that was without a doubt the cheapest, most cowardly display I've seen in Men's Hockey for a long, long time. And of course after the scrum he's playing to his girlfriend and chirping away. As he skates by my net toward the gate he looks at me and I point to the scoreboard and yell "Nice Game Minus 7!" I have no idea what he said back.

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