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02-07-2005, 05:00 PM
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DRAFT SMAFT .. Want to hear my 2 cents on the next entry draft

Now this will never happen but it theory it should work ..

No Entry Draft at all ..

Every player turning 19 becomes a UFA ..

Free to go to the team of his choice .. In an hard cap world all is fair in love and War .. Big market teams have no $$ advantage and its all based on Cap room and planning..

In a 30 team league that has a:

Min (32 Mil) and Max(38) Hard Cap range for all teams
Max roster size or 22 or 23 in the NHL
Limit on players under contract by organization ie 60 .. (ex. 23 NHL, 22 AHL , 5-10 in Junor/ NCAA & 5-10 Euros)
4 year entry level salary rookie Max 850k + 250k bonuses
NHL waivers to move players Up and Down as now

Isn't this whole mess about creating parity among all teams ??

If a young player chooses his team you are darn sure you are going to get effort from an owners point of view and avoid the Lindos I am not going to play fiasco's ..

The RJ Unberger is a perfect example .. Drafted by Vancouver .. Contract problem and traded, NYR not interested in signing him ..Sat out the year ..Umberger being a PA born player decided between Pitts and Philly and is now very happy to be with that organization and it took UFA to accomplish that ..

Teams would have no reason to tank seasons to get draft picks

Teams that need the young player the most would plan the best, and the young teams would have their pick of the UFA vets to build their teams that have strong cores already .. It allows teams to sign by need and not BPA ..

Say for next draft year ... Crosby may want to play in Montreal as his first choice, or maybe pick NJ because his friend Zach Parise is there etc. or he likes LA .. Gilbert Brule may pick Vancouver .. but that is not always true .and it has to be a 2-way streets and his team of choice has to have a need and Cap room . but it certainly would increase Fan support in cities and increase revenue and the Euro's anybody guess .. The future players like Phil Kessel could pick his city to promote the game in the USA etc Kessel in Columbus would go a long way to promote Fan support in the USA verses Kessel getting drafted and playing in Montreal or Edmonton lets say.

It would promote teambuilding throughtout the NHL ,

Almost like making it like NCAA recruiting in the States ..You hear the prospect development cliché often enough .. now these amateur scouts could really prove their worth by securing the best talent for their teams.

and with a complete balance for the NHL and NHLPA in a new CBA .. why would this not in theory work??

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