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03-21-2010, 11:38 AM
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... Think we've covered this one -- Quick and Bernier I'd like to see split the games next season, and as soon as Bernier has shown he can handle being a 1 or a 1A at the NHL level, it's time to put Quick on the market and get a solid return on him while he's still young. It's simply the most efficient way to use their resources.

Quick has in no way "carried" the team to the playoffs; that's a silly notion, as nearly all of his non-shootout results relative to the league have been average at best -- but I'm long over debating it. I don't need to even argue that point with fans of any other team; the only disagreements I'm ever having on this are with Kings' fans and I suppose I understand it ... the Kings have had, on the surface, such a disappointing and poor goaltending history that Quick looks good by comparison.

People can continue to point to Quick's win total all they want -- never mind that win total is the most useless number for a goalie, as it's as dependent on team performance as it is on goalie performance. The fact of the matter is that his numbers would look extremely ordinary if he wasn't starting nearly every game, and other team's GMs know this. The fans who believe Quick to be an all-star, all-World goalie will never be satisfied at the eventual return from any trade, but the Kings' organization has to know that any additional assets would certainly serve the team better than to carry two number 1 caliber goalies on the team.

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