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03-21-2010, 11:38 AM
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I enjoyed the game last night. Thought it was good hockey even with the lack of scoring. Of course, that could have just been the Irish Car Bombs.

Rinne is looking good. It seems like we've found the hot goalie. If Trotz doesn't realize by now that giving Rinne a workload makes him better then they should just randomly pick someone from these boards to coach the team.

Jared Boll is a freakin' pansy. First of all, the guy nearly charges in to deliver a hit from behind on Tootoo, forcing him face first into the boards. Then, when challenged to fight multiple times he ignores Toots completely. He KNEW he was going to get his ass kicked. He KNEW he had woken the beast. What a joke of a player. I know Tootoo has his fair share of questionable plays over the years, but at least the guy can 1) play hockey and 2) stand up when he's challenged. What a freakin' joke. Before anyone gets excited, there won't be a suspension. It was Jordin Tootoo being boarded here, not Rick Nash. No one will even notice in NYC.

Hope Arnott is ok. He seemed a bit dazed, but maybe he was just puzzled as to why no penalty was called on the play. I've really not complained a lot about officiating until this season, and that complaining has grown dramatically over the past few games. It's unreal the amount of calls for us that have been blatantly ignored. Oh well. I'm just happy to see our team rise about this televised showing of grown men not giving a damn about their jobs to win.

Bad feeling about today. I hope we keep the streak going, but I think it's ending at five. I'm ok with that as long as we come out strong against Dallas.

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