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03-21-2010, 01:08 PM
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I'm never surprised by my complete lack of surprise when no one on the team stands up for players who are leveled. Obviously Toots was on the ice when it happened. If he weren't the one hit he would have been on top of Boll immediately. Smithson is the same way. Weber will usually get in on the action. Sully seems to occassionally protect the crease with some cross-checks I wish he wouldn't throw as he's so short he has to typically aim up. Eventually he's going to take a roughing or cross checking call for hitting someone in the face. edit: I forgot that Bouillon was skating in to take a shot at fighting Boll. The linesman stopped him, which I think is garbage. If Boll wants to run people let him be challenged. Of course, Tootoo did extend the offer to him the next time both players were on the ice. The smile on Boll's face made me think of times in high school when loud mouth kids would nervously laugh as soon as they were actually invited to back up their words.

What shouldn't be more alarming to me than this is the fact that fans were actually happy to see it happen to Tootoo. On the Columbus thread there were a few posters who seemed to have had their nights made by that single action. I understand sports rivalries and I understand Tootoo's history, but the guy has been doing nothing but trying to play hockey for three seasons now. When are these people going to wake up and realize that they are cheering for, to be a bit dramatic, potentially life threatening plays? Certainly these kinds of hits are career threatening. One fan asked if Tootoo sold it enough. I stopped myself here because I was about to type "I'd like to see this person take a hit that sends him or her face first into glass". I really wouldn't, but the amount of times sports fans just assume that someone is trying to sell a vicious hit is ridiculous. A dive is a dive, and this certainly wasn't one of those.

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