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02-07-2005, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by DynamoAO
Shrug, I went to drop in over the summer. Apparently alot of the guys play with each other alot. One guy trips up another. The guy who got tripped gets up starts chirping and shoving the guy who tripped him. Tells him he wants to drop em right there. This is at DROP IN HOCKEY.
Yup, I notice that a lot too. I go to drop in quite regularily, and there are a few people who are just *******s who take it way too seriously. One guy just starts running guys into the corners, shoving them, and *****ing at teammates if they don't pass it to them at every possible oppurtunity. I personally don't put up with it, and just tell them off.

seriously, some people need to relax, we're all there just for fun, especially at DROP IN. Seroiously, what are people expecting when they pay 4.50$ for a few hours of icetime? you're not going to get the puck on every rush.

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