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02-07-2005, 10:11 PM
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Some guys just have no lives. My team (full of former college ice players) moved out of the highest roller hockey division in our league to the 2nd highest because of the cheap shots and whining. Some of these teams want the game called SO cleanly (no clutching and grabbing), so they whine. But of course, they spear and butt-end you, and it's ok. I have a 6 inch scar on my ribs from the 1st game of last season to prove it (over 13 weeks ago)! It was worse when they would fall on top of you and punch you in the back of the head....Not as bad as Bertuzzi, but we couldn't take the constant whining and refusal by other teams to look in the mirror.

When you play competitive hockey (i.e. juniors or college or even tournaments as kids), it may be ok to pull cheap shots to win or get under the opponents' skin. However, in rec leagues, CMON!

P.S. It is A LOT cleaner in the lower division, and we are enjoying it!

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