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03-21-2010, 05:30 PM
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Opening Your Own Rink

Anyone have any experience with opening your own rink. I am on a non-profit board in Norther California attempting to open a roller hockey rink. We have been at it for a couple years, and been lucky enough to purchase the flooring, boards, glass, scoreboards, etc.... (all used of course)... but no luck finding a building to put it in.

Has anyone done anything like this before? anyone have any suggestions for raising money? getting donations? or any other information that may help us along the way?

We live in a very wet climate, so setting it up outdoors wouldn't work for us, but any other suggestions or comments would be helpful.

We had a hockey program in the past, with nearly 100 players, that went belly up when we lost the building we were playing in. It was not a rink, just a warehouse with a flat cement floor. since we lost the building, we formed the board, got lucky finding the used rink, and have hit a brick wall when it comes to finding a place to install it. The closest places to play hockey are both over 3 hours away, so we are dyeing to play.

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