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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
I couldn't help but noticing that Patrik Koyš and his Dubnica pals absolutely demolished HC Topolcany today 12-2. Koyš had a goal and added two assists and now leads MHK Dubnica in scoring. Fellow 95er Matej Paulovič had one of the two TO goals.

I heard but I am not sure yet if this is true, that Tomáš Török had four points today. If so that would be really impressive. Watch out for the 1995 guys!
I actually wanted to update this today, but didn´t because of Martin´s game. The szlh only has the scores for teh first two periods, which ended 6-1 Martin with Torok getting 4 points for 2 goals and 2 assists, however webhokej reports that the game ended 10-2 Martin, so maybe he picked up even more points.

The top scorers in the league born in 1994 and younger:
1. Dávid Gríger 1994 POP 44GP 19G 32A 51PTS
2. Patrik Koyš 1995 DUM 44GP 22G 26A 48PTS
3. Tomáš Török 1995 MAA 39GP 15G 31A 46PTS

4.Milan Kolena 1994 MAA 38GP 18G 26A 44PTS
5. Peter Hrehorčák 1994 POP 38GP 25G 18A 43PTS
6. Andreas Štrauch 1994 POP 39GP 15G 24A 39PTS
7. Daniel Rzavský 1994 LMI 40GP 12G 22A 34PTS
8. Matej Paulovič 1995 TOP 39GP 17G 16A 33PTS

*assuming they didn´t pick up any more points in the 3rd in today´s game (which they probably did)

Looks really great for the 1995 class. The mentioned 1994 players are those that you can find on the scoresheet for the national U16 team in most games. And Koys and Torok only got beaten by Griger, who I believe was born in November 94, so he isn´t that far from being a 95 guy himself. Also I´d say that if Martin Reway and Robert Varga played the U18 Extraliga, I´d say they´d put up some pretty good stats as well, Varga will get an opportunity for that next season, Reway, don´t really know where he´s playing next year.

Anyway, Dubnica with Koys will take on Slovan Bratislava and Martin with Torok on HC Kosice in the semifinals, both teams are the underdogs in their series, but will see.

Sure looks like a very exciting class right now, but we shouldn´t get ahead of ourselves just yet, these kids have loads and loads of hard work ahead of themselves. We´ll see what happens next season, I suppose they´re gonna dominate the U18´s, Torok might get his first taste of u20 hockey with Martin and if there is an agreement between Dubnica and Bulldogs Trencin, if they get promoted to the u20 extraliga maybe Koys could too.

Btw maybe I should rename thos thread the "1995 class hype thread" as the direction to which the discussion went is way beyond just talking about one certain player?

EDIT: The stats now are complete as szlh finally posted the 3rd period stats, Torok picked up one more assist and Kolena one more goal.

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