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09-27-2003, 10:51 AM
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"Koivu can be great at times & is inspirational, however when ranked against the top player on other teams in the league I would say he's not a top tier player." --Hosehead

gotta disagree that koivu isn't a top tier player... he's been on a terrible team for years now, and battling injuries. Forsberg couldn't save this team without help and he's probably the best player in the world. Saku's problem is size and skating room... whenever he's on the ice at the world championships he's generally the best player out there. Was it 2000 or 1999 when he had 12 points in 5 or 6 games? On an NHL rink he's at the lower end of a top-tier, but on an international surface he's probably one of the top players in the world.

i do agree that when we get another player who can produce at the same level as Saku then we'll have hit another plateau as a team... if we had another 70 point guy, i think saku would produce more than you've seen. Nobody that small can take a beating of being the prime target of another team every night and look like a top-tier player all the time.

When saku isn't the only focus (for another team) i think you'll see a whole new dimension to his game where he can open things up offensively rather than playing not to lose, or playing purely counterattack hockey.

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