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09-27-2003, 10:52 AM
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well yeah we should feel a little old, i mean some of the cartoons we mentioned are coming up on 20 years, like He-Man. I found one of my old action figures the other night and the copyright date was 1984, blew me away.

I voted for RGB and Ninja Turtles. Two shows that are 17 and 16 years old respectivly.

I was watching some episodes of RGB the other day on the website i talked about and some of the episodes were good and were more than just kids stuff. Some of the references and demons were really freaky. There are also more than a few jokes that i get now that i didnt back then.

It was nice because the first season was designed for syndication so they got away with a lot more than the kiddy version on sat. mornings.

Also loved Ducktales, Rescue Rangers from the 80's those were some great quality cartoons.

Yes i remember the false ghostbusters, i actually kinda like the show. It used to be on WPIX before school started.

I remember having to watch all the girls cartoons too because i had a sister a year old than me. She-Ra. Jam, My little ponies.....{sigh}, i was torture=).

I remember watching the smurfs and muppet babies on sat. mornings. I always somehow woke myself up at 7:55 to catch muppet babies at 8.

I remember captain N the game master {and mario bros.}

one of my favorites, though i was little older was garfield and friends.

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