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03-21-2010, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by XweekendwarriorX View Post
have you asked anyone in the community or maybe even a ice hockey program in the area to help out? i know here in buffalo alot of the roller rinks are just a metal shell with really nothing else but a door or two to get in and out with make shift rooms to change in. i would be shocked to see a community not make an effort to help kids with programs like this.
it has been ridiculously shocking. especially considering we have already bought the flooring/boards and everything. This area has never had any kind of real hockey before. There are no ice programs, there is no ice. We have spoken with many different government types and while they all support our ideas, they do not have the means to really make anything happen. Most of the kids around here play basketball, baseball, football and soccer.... most of the hockey people are transplants from other areas. So most of the parents from around here push their kids to play sports they are familiar with.

We are as grass roots as it gets in terms of developing a hockey program in this country. Right now we are working primarily on fund raising, with the hopes that we can rent a place on our own, and once we have the rink and programs up and running we're hoping for more support.

kind of a build it and they will come type deal. we've had a ton of interest, but without a home and active programs, people are more hesitant to help.

We are also in the process of writing some grants, and trying to get some funding that way, waiting to hear how that goes.

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