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Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
No your are not learning incorrectly. You should learn to shoot while facing the net, and with your shoulder towards the net. Practice shooting from all angles and positions because you will be shooting from every angle while on the ice. I usually practice shooting with my feet pointing at the net, because I like to practice a quick release so the goalie doesnt get a hint that I am going to shoot.

Another good trick is to come down on the off wing, I shoot right so I would be coming down the left wing) I wait until I cross the blue line, then fake a dump in, or that I am going to drive around the D by moving the puck quickly in front of me. This usually throws the D off for a second, then I pull the puck back a bit behind me and cut to the center. At this point your shoulder would be pointing at the net (this is why it is good to practice shooting from different positions)

I know the goalie will follow the play, so when I was on the left side, the Goalie would be almost hugging the post, when I cut to the center, he will follow and be in the middle of the crease. I shoot for the left side of the net, and usually score. As a bonus sometimes the D acts as a bit of a screen for me.

Also here's a video that might help you a bit with getting some more power.

Oh wow, that's you in the video right? If so, I pretty much give you full credit for being able to shoot at all. your videos are so helpful, especially the close range backhand top shelf video. Would it be possible for you to make a much more in depth one for the wrist shot, I mean the first one is great but I'd love to be able to see another one with like slow motion or something.

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