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09-27-2003, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Courage
Something bigger may be afoot. With the play of Kondratiev and Colaicovo, not to mention Jackman and Hedin looking reasonably well, in some ways the Leafs are in a position to deal from strength. They could reasonably afford to part with a couple of these guys to strengthen themselves on the first and second pairings. Perhaps not tommorrow, but in a couple of months when Pilar and others have had a chance to stretch their legs and put up some numbers in St. John's. Suddenly, the drafting and trading for d-men under Quinn should look a lot better to his various critics.
If the Leafs do go after some more help for their defence it may be down the road right before the trading deadine and not necessarily this week or this month........maybe by then one team that looks to miss out on the playoffs that wasn't expecting to ends up making a deal with the Leafs and the Leafs end up getting a guy for their blueline then alot cheaper than what it would cost them if they were to make such a deal now.

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