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Originally Posted by Common SENSe View Post
And took a superior attitude that somehow you know more about the pressures facing this team than I do simply because I live in another city for school.

As in, I'm not as good of a fan as you are because I couldn't possibly understand what its like.

If anything, its harder for me to maintain faith in this franchise due to my geographic location.

I am constantly in the minority here in Leaf country and have to answer for every goal, every missed save and every loss to an army of all too willing critics.

My belief in the team has nothing to do with where I am...perhaps it is you that should analyze your allegiance a little more thoroughly.
That was not my intent, but maybe that's how it appeared.

What I was trying to get at is this. You're in London. As you mentioned, you're in Leaf country.

Let me relate it like this. How many 'anxiety-filled' threads are there about the Sens in the Leaf Forum here at HF boards? How many 'anxiety-filled' threads about the Sens are on the Sens board, in comparison?

Here's where I'm going. Because this is ground-zero for Sens Nation.....the anxiety is worse here. Collective Anxiety has a way of spreading. Because you're in can escape the collective anxiety more easily, simply because there are so few Sens fans in that area.

In otherwords, I believe that it's easier for you to be calm.....because so few around your give a darn about the Sens.

The rest of the post, was just a joke about staying calm when a ship is sinking. Right now it looks like the Sens are sinking.....get it?

So, that's it. I'm sorry that my post got under your skin. I wasn't trying to slam a fan, or demean your allegiance to the team.

Go Sens Go!

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