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03-21-2010, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Feicht View Post
Don Cherry was just complaining about how they are such a good team this year and yet they still can't fill the arena. Naturally he used this as proof that hockey won't work down there and they need to relocate. Honestly, I can't say I really disagree at this point.
It isn't that hockey cannot succeed in Phoenix. It is that the business people and politicians screwed the situation up as much as humanly possible. And for people in Phoenix, it is hard to get too excited about "your" team when there is not guaranty that it will be "your" team beyond this season.

They put the Arena outside of the city's population center instead of a site that was available near Scottsdale in order to boost a real estate development that is looking more and more like a failure. Problem two--much like in Columbus--they are a two arena town. Problem three--much like Atlanta, they have to compete with an established NBA franchise for the city's entertainment dollars made worse that, unlike Atlanta, the NBA franchise plays at a competing arena. Then there is a poorly negotiated arena lease that doesn't give the Coyotes revenue streams other teams have (sound familiar?). I don't think is fair to castigate the citizens of Greater Phoenix for this clusterf. It is not that they are incapable of supporting hockey as far as I am concerned. It is that they are unable of supporting hockey under the set of circumstances described above. It is a real shame that the lease wasn't voided in bankruptcy.

Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
Don't look now, but the Sharks have lost 6 in a row. Maybe they're just trying to get the choking out of the system a little early this season?
I'm starting to cynically wonder if the cowards were afraid they'd draw Detroit in the first round if they finish #1 or #2 in the Conference and are tanking in order to get an opponent more to their liking. No matter, they'll be out before the Conference Finals. Looks like I may have been right about them losing the Pacific, even if I had the wrong team ahead of them.

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