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A Few Points.............

Originally Posted by Timzey View Post
well we are a non profit so its not a business. but yes we are trying to rent a big enough building to house our rink and run leagues out of. we figure between hockey, roller derby (pretty big here) indoor soccer, and whatever else, we will be able to pay rent for the building and operating costs. $3000 a month would be a good estimate at how much we can afford, unfortunately most places cost more then that, and the ones that don't have had various other issues, zoning bering the primary one.
Have over thirty years experience with ice hockey non-profit organizations mainly from another perspective - keeping programs going as an area loses its hockey playing population.

A few points.

A non-profit HAS to be run like a business with the surplus monies dedicated to the cause.

You have to build synergies with other sports or youth activities that will allow you to offset certain costs while creating a greater volunteer and interest base. Simply trying to keep an ice hockey program going for 100-150 youngsters is harder to do than keeping an arena program going for 400 youngsters split amongst ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, etc. Political reality being that 400 youngster ripple down to more votes than 100. In your case you have to look at various activities - skate boarding(getting kids of the street) etc, that could benefit from a multi purpose facility.

Teaching. You have to support the future of your efforts with appropriate teaching programs. In the example above the efforts to keep a hockey, figure skating, speed skating arena program going cannot be viewed as short term. You have to support it with a long term "learn to skate" program where 3-5 year old - pre - schoolers
learn to skate. Added bonus is parental involvement. Apply this to your situation.

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