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03-22-2010, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Jodiju View Post
And then when Carter is due his RFA raise, what then? The best case scenario I've seen mentioned around here is he signs a Richards-esque, ridiculously long contract for $5.75m. Having well over $10m on two centres, for the next ten years, is not a good way to build a team and will affect your team balance. You guys have been a #1G away from being solid cup-contenders for years and you haven't had one because you can't afford one. You can't afford one because you have too much money tied up in your top-six.

Kaberle is 7th in D scoring. Imagine where he'd be on a good team like PHI. No, he doesn't make up for the offense you lose from Carter and I won't pretend he does. Hopefully giving Giroux top-six minutes helps him develop and his offensive output will help fill the hole left by Carter too. Plus you can still move Briere or Gagne, or hope that their production bounces back.

Because the situations aren't comparable, apples to oranges and all that.
When you first came on and made that joke of a proposal it was a little funny. Now you're attempting to diagnose our team's issues for us.

A: You don't know our team as well as we do.
B: Stick to figuring out how to fix the Leafs...should keep you busy for a while.

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
What is with people thinking Carter is going to get traded. Trading your best offensive player for anyone, let alone a guy nearing the end of a career at a position where he really isn't needed, is not a good way to turn a team around. If the Flyers were a basement team and Carter's contract was running out, then I could see trading him. But (when there is a goalie in net) the Flyers are a contender and JC is a pretty big reason for that. But yeah, let's trade a burgeoning superstar that is the best offensive player on our team for a washed up D-man (or at least soon to be washed up D-man) straight up. That is brilliant.

Be fair. Kaberle is a good player, but he has turned down multiple trades from Toronto. He apparently doesn't mind losing that much. That makes him a loser in my book. Don't want em'.

I don't want my team trading one of their four best players and two best assets for a guy who is in the twilight of his years (not really gonna say his careers almost over, he's only 32).

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