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09-27-2003, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Douggy
If the Stanley Cup became a 'Challenge Cup' what would stop any group of 20 beer-leaguers from going for it?
I don't think the "beer league" scenario is likely, and I also don't think that the NHL is in any real danger of losing control of the Stanley Cup so long it continues to operate on a more or less continuous basis. Where I would think that there might be a sliver of an opening for the Cup to be available to be awarded to the champion of a different league is if the NHL was not operating, as in the case of a prolonged lockout.

Having had a chance to think about the Post article for a bit longer today, I'm starting to feel that it is probably a good thing if the NHL does not obtain clear title to the Stanley Cup. Given that it was apparently deeded on the understanding that it would be awarded to the champions of Canadian hockey, it is perhaps a good thing for the protection of an ongoing consideration of Canadian issues as the league evolves. The NHL being a custodian of the Stanley Cup should be conditional on the NHL having consideration to the Trophy's heritage rather than have it be the NHL's absolute property that it can do with whatever it wants.

This is very interesting...

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