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02-08-2005, 10:13 AM
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What about a new league?

Let's say this year is a wash. And we have no idea when it will start up again. (next season or not) What do you guys think if the league started from scratch, be it "NHL2" or new league.

I guess the 1st question you might ask would be "How do we decipher what players are on which teams?"

Lets just say that all the teams that were in the "old NHL" transfer over to the "new NHL". And lets say there is or isn't a salary cap. I guess if you are looking at a new league that the players would agree to not have a cap. But how realistic may that be. Lets also say that there is some sort of cap.(40 million)
(with whatever stipulations there may be, revenue sharing...etc)

How about we have a huge draft with every NHL player available. And the order of the picking is in reference to whenever the team came into the league. So senior teams would have some advantage (their reward for being along for so long) So right off the bat Toronto or Montreal would have 1st pick. Maybe they could flip a coin to see who gets 1st pick. And it would go so on and so on. The last pick would go to Columbus, I believe. The order would go, 1 through 30, than start again.

Do you guys think that there should be a cap for this "new league"? This way the teams could be more evenly balenced (hopefully).

Anyways it was just something that I was thinking about. Obviously there would have to be a lot more to it, but I thought what the hay. Some people might get a kick out of it.


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