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02-08-2005, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen
i disagree, though there is always that guy youre talking about. most of the idiots that ive played with, against, or reffed just dont get the soul of the game, they dont have the experience. theyve had some, and think that the know all they need. i love roller, its a great alternative, more open, and cheaper, but some of the worst stuff is the younger generation of roller players, who have no one to put them in their place. the dirtiest stuff i see is in roller. adults who only know hockey from espn, and kids who have never been taught why its bad to keep your head down. why its bad to rake someones wrists with your stick, why its bad to get your stick up when youre wearing a cage in a game that doesnt allow contact. you cant really pass on your experiences of growing up on ponds to this generation of newcomer. that dont want to get it. i feel really old just saying it. it happens in the lower ice leagues too, not just roller.
Oh no doubt about the roller kids being the cheapest.I played ice and roller simultaneously for some of my high school days. My roller hockey league was 15-17 and everything was hacks, slashes and trips.I was one of the better players out there, so each time I blew past a guy, he'd just hack me whereever he saw fit.I'd always teach each kid a lesson though.Since this was a "no check" league, I'd always give the guy who hacked me a nice, square check with me going full speed(most of the time at mid-rink).Even though checking was "illegal", I felt I was getting them back fair and square, since most of these kids have never taken a hit in their lives.So I just took my checking penalty and smiled.

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