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Originally Posted by nycking23 View Post
I'm 22 and have always been a big fan of the game, but my family never had the money to allow me to try playing it between skates, league fees, equipment, etc. the most i had was a $10 stick from modells and a tennis ball to play in the street with.
Good for you, I'm 33, and just started playing this past year, it was something I always wanted to do, but I grew up 50 miles from the nearest rink. If I can do it as uncoordinated and as overweight as I was, anybody can do it

Originally Posted by nycking23 View Post
now that im in college and have a job, i have decided to finally do what i always wanted to do when i was younger. i have been to an open skate a couple of times and used rental skates, and i really enjoyed it. i am able to go forwards fine, and somewhat stop. i plan on continuing to go to open skates until i feel confident enough in my skating to move on to a local learn to play hockey clinic.

i just have a couple of questions

should i pick up my own skates now or wait until i am a little more experienced? im not sure if there is something i should be looking for in skates that i wont know what i need until i have skated a bit. i fully intend on getting them and working with them before i start hockey, but i dont know how much skate experience i need before i can make a well-informed decision on what skates. budget will likely be 2-300
Pick out skates now. It'll be harder actually at first, because not only will you be breaking in skates, you will also be breaking in your feet getting accustomed to skating. But it will be worth it in the long run. Don't get hung up on brand, go to a hockey shop and try on EVERYTHING, and try them on several times. Make the poor sales assistant at the store work for his money. Because getting the wrong skates will make everything a nightmare.

Originally Posted by nycking23 View Post
lastly, if by any chance someone in the nyc area knows of a good intro class/league for me to break into i would really appreciate it. obviously i will be looking into it on my own as well, but if someone had some useful insight it would really help

thanks for any help anyone is able to provide, and im hoping to continue enjoying my path to playing hockey
First look into adult lessons at a local rink. They'll be taught by figure skaters but they will help you learn the basic technique and figure skaters have to be very good on their edges, and that helps hockey players as well.

When you get good forward/backward forward crossovers, and the occasional backwards crossover, take a look at Hockey North America I joined one of their adult learn to play hockey leagues in Cleveland, and we had training for 8 weeks from a guy with his name on the Stanley Cup, and are now playing all together as our own team. Granted we've been together for almost 4 months, and are playing against other D-League teams that have been together for 4 years, but it's a place to start, and a good place to learn the fundamentals.

One other suggestion:

Pick out your gear now, and don't be afraid to wear it to an open skate. There are 2 types of people learning how to skate at an open skate 1) Those who wear equipment, and 2) Those who haven't been to the E.R. yet. Wearing Equipment also lets you try things you wouldn't normally do, and pushes you beyond your comfort zone. If you aren't as afraid to fall, you're more willing to try new things. Besides, you're going to be playing while encumbered by the gear, you might as well learn how to skate wearing it.

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