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03-22-2010, 02:21 PM
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Two thoughts here......

1) You said that you had rented a warehouse before. Couldn't you try simply doing that again with another local warehouse? Surely there is another one somewhere in the community you could use.

2) A place I once played a roller hockey tournament in was the Center Cirle in Rahway, NJ. I highly suggest you Google their website and take a look at the pictures of their facility. They have both roller hockey and indoor soccer.

Basically, the building is a series of giant canvas tents held up by steel pipes/braces/supports. It's surprisingly weather-resistant. They do get a ton of rain, snow, strong winds, and both hot & humid temps in the summer and freezing temps in the winter, but the canvas still holds up just fine for the most part. Oh sure, there is the occasional leak and patch job needed, but I remember the old Rollin' Ice facility at the Fairgrounds complex having problems with a leaking roof, too.....and that was solid concrete.

Anyway, when I first saw it, I thought it was a brilliant facility. I don't know if such a facility would meet with the earthquake regulations that California has, but it does fit many other requirements. It seemed to handle the NJ climate and weather just fine, it's undoubtedly significantly cheaper to build and repair on your own (perhaps even cheaper than renting a facility over the long-term), it houses several rec sports, and the opacity of the tent lets enough sunlight into the facility that you could probably even save quite a bit on electric bills by not even turning on the lights in the daytime hours.

Again, don't know if it would work out here or fit into your business plan, but it may be a cheaper, easier, and much faster facility to build. Then you'd just need to fiind an open plot of land.

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