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02-08-2005, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Vedder19
I really don't think it would work. If infact a player did get to choose his own destiny (team) than you would see alot of teams that would be bare. I mean, c'mon, realistically how many players out there are going to want to play for lets say, a Columbus, or Carolina? Sure there will be the odd player.

Anywho, it was a nice thought, I just don't see how it could be plausible. I just think there has to be more boundries (unfortunately).

That is exactly the point I am making that you are supporting by your response ..

"I mean, c'mon, realistically how many players out there are going to want to play .."

Is the $32 - 38 million Salary Cap dollar question ...

If young players on their on free will or UFA vets DO NOT WANT TO PLAY in Columbus or Carolina ..

Then why in the NHL in these Cities???

By forcing them to play there against their wishes at the expense of tearing apart the NHL in a NEW CBA where the strong teams are forced to remove talent and share revenue to support these same players that do not want to be there is the first place ..

See my point .. ???

The idea will never fly anyway but it should work in theory because every team in the new NHL can only spend XX dollars on salary with a Cap and despite the fact the OHL has many players in close vicinity to the Leafs and Sens, both the Ontario teams are limited by roster size like all the rest so the prohibits them from signing everyone and they have to go pick Buffalo and Pittsburgh and Columbus to play in the NHL if Ontario teams are full .. and who says Toronto would go after and OHL player anyways they might like a Euro or an WHL or NCAA player better .. ??

I am just way ahead of my time with this idea ..but based on Bettman's rules and parity it should actually work is my point.

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